Saturday, December 5, 2009

MPH sux !

Hello, its been long time :) Watched ninja assassin last night, i would rate it averagely. The ninja is freakingly incredible and the action is... way too much....
Rain, the hot star with his packs and muscles flying over the scene.. guess i dun really like action movies :D

Saturday morning means classes again... Dont feel like going home after ,so i walked around Jusco...

Just as expected,Starbuck is meant to be crowded, i didnt grab my coffee as there were no sofa seat for me , i wandered around and walked into MPH ~

MPH bookstore has poor books arrangement.. they simply put all the malay language books in front.. not a good idea as i have to go around to look books

"The Host" a new book from the author of twilight saga series(Stephanie Meyer) catch my attention, i read through 3 whole chapters there..

the story briefly tells a wandered soul captured and put into a human body, through a "healer", meanwhile a "seeker" would question the soul on its existence and what it was... very spiritual and hardly imaginable... seems like the vampiric author would stick to spiritual soul this time...

MPH is too stingy to provide seats,not even a stool, i was not able to spent too much time there,and books are really expensive to buy, i would rather go to Borders the next time :D

I have a very nice song to share ( from JJ and Nicky , perfect match )

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