Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avatar Day

Saturday morning, wake up at 740 am and wasnt really get used to it,
i sleep till the sun shine on my bed usually :D
Woke up so early to take my last keyboard class with Mr Ang, ya, im stopping my keyboard class and i planned to have my self practise at home after this...
After class, i took bus to genting klang and meet up with Mango, my dear fren that i havent met her for long time, we have our brunch at genting klang ,we then took bus to pavilion, for our movie, Avatar. We planned to watch Avatar today, and well, we are lucky enough to catch two last front seats for it. The Movie lasts for 2 and 1/2 hours and the story is averagely ok for me, ya its just the ok standard, so go watch it with students price ya..

We walked around and talked around from pavilion to sungei wang and sungei wang to pavilion. Its been long time that i havent catch up with her and we share info of each other. Im glad we have this movie day and we should have more outings in future,
in order for her to stop stressing herself from her studies, :P

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