Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Outing

Sunday morning, a very good day, we took LRT to KLCC and walk through the Aquaria to the PC fair.. We here stands for: Nowa,Christian,Irene,HengFai and me... We met han liang and jason near there , and they are kind enough to bring us around the pc fair (cause they were slacking instead of working).

We then walk to Pavilion for our plan, to watch 2012 over there :)
there werent any seats when we checked in,sigh, we went for our lunch in Wong Kok restaurant, and decided to check for reserved seats after the lunch, after several attempt, we were able to get the reserved seats, yahoo ~(2012 finally)
The movie do worth it la, after the anticipation and the difficulties through, it do worth the ticket price and do not make me dissapointed

We shop around pavilion after that, and went for dinner in Pizza Hut,
this is where the nightmare begins...
The Pizza Hut there, has no cheezy pizza on the menu that we want, has no pepsi cola for our drinks, has no extra parmesan cheese, and no chili sauce...Can u even imagine that ?
And by the way, that was just part of it, the food served is bad and the services is slow...
This is the worst pizza hut experience i have ever been through... Guess i will not craving for pizza for a very long time after this... Pavilion's Pizza Hut just sux...

Apart from the pizza, the whole day is still fun and contented,
time to lay down and read my books, cheers

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