Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Frogstyle

Early morning, mock exam for Change Management, was intended to take revision in the class, but the exam has been started as im get into the class,
Forces of change, Types of change, well..
that means i failed for my mock exam, Hooray ~
Never mind, i will give more effort in the actual exam.

After that, i skipped my Business Finance lecture to have some catch up wif kok leng, ct and nowa, yew hong came afterwards, but he left when he found there are no seats for him, Poor Yew Hong will have to drive to genting klang just because there were no more seats in Melati McD... Swt..

Helped IBS booth for a short time, IBS booth sales is freakingly good,
the foods are widely favoured by the students : Egg tarts,Cream puffs,Popcorn,Herbal Eggs,Curry puffs,
Yum Yum, people should go and support our booth in the canteen 2 there ya ~

Took a nap in the afternoon and went Jusco, this time its not for Starbucks,
but instead i went into the sports department there,
to choose my swimming equipments....
Yes, i did choose a swimming trunks and a swimming google that cost me 80++
Ouch, it hurts my pocket but well, it worth,
As, a one time expenses for limitless leisure sports in the future, yay,
swimming session in my schedule.. This is going to be fun, im so going to learn the actual frog style , thanks to hanliang and his girl for their time guiding me...

Before i end my posting ,

"Woot, a vegetarian smoker "

"Gotcha :D "

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