Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Starbucks again ?

Classes as usual today, Dr Amy Yeo telling us "Cincai" and "Guanxi" is a formally recognized english words cause it is officially published in the international Harvard Dictionary, how good it is...

After classes, lunch wif them and pool session, again...
wasnt feel like playing as i'm little bit dull with it,
went home, and pack up,as i feel like going to starbucks today.

I was lying on my bed and reading Twilight,
but guess what, i felt asleep, isshhh...
That is why, usually i will go starbucks when i feel like reading a book,
the places there, and the caffeine will keep me awake for sure ~
Not to forget caramel machiatto hot serving for me ,
oh yay, cant blame me for the addiction right ?

Still got 3 books awaiting me, so i guess i will be in starbucks for most of the time coming ~


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