Sunday, October 25, 2009

If i can play like this ~


Going for my keyboard replacement classes today as i skipped my classes for shyan ching bday celebration on the saturday, well shyan ching do worth my skip right ?

It was raining heavily and i have to get over to wangsa maju just for my classes... I was abit lazy for it,but after all, i did manage to persuade myself to borrow an umbrella to get over there.

Classes as usual, Mr Ang trying to ask me to join in part of his upcoming events, for performance,

but well.. my skills is not ready for that yet, so i just told him that im not sure whether im free for christmas and new year eve, will inform him later, and later means never :D

Classes went on by Mr Ang introducing me to his fancy fingering techniques... well well, im not sure whether i can be like him, but i will work hard for it,

i will be moving my fingers over my keyboard after today, that means not the 5 fingers on the typical 5 key anymore,

the 5 key was kinda boring for me...

After the classes, i went home directly as i feel tired, and a nap goes on...

The 1st thing i do while i woke up = watching youtube. the little 9 years old boy playing

Yiruma - Love Me perfectly ! It was one of the forces that drives me to keep on with my interest and wishes 1 day i can play as good as him ~


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