Friday, August 20, 2010

If you ever ask

If ever you asked me :

Have you ever crossed my mind
I would say no

Do i like you
i would definitely say no

Do i want you
i would shook my head

Would i cry if you left me

Would i live for you
nah, not possible

Would i do anything for you
nope nope

Would i choose my life or you
I would definitely say my life

It is mainly because.....

The reason you didnt crossed my minds:
You're always on my mind

The reason i dont like you:
I love you

The reason i dont want you:
I need you

The reason i wont cry if you left:
I'll die if you left

The reason i dont live for you:
I would die for you

The reason i wont do anything for you:
I would do everything for you

The reason i would choose my life instead of you:
You are my life

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