Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday morning

This is a best sunday morning for me, I woke up 10 am in the morning, clean up myself, taking bus to the place I go every sunday morning: Starbucks Coffee @ Jusco wangsa maju.

It was the starbucks breakfast that attract me there.
The breakfast set comes with a hot coffee with a complimentary sandwich for only
Rm 2.50.It is only available before 11 am. I was kind of late when I reach there. However. the kindly barista allows me to order for the breakfast set.
A brewed coffee with delicated sausage sandwich for only RM 7.35, how good it is :D

The barista asks and gives me a cup of warm milk for free, so that I can make my brewed coffee into a latte , woohoo.... This is such a nice place for me, Starbucks Coffee @ Jusco wangsa maju, the place I won't missed to go whenever I feel like enjoying coffee.

After enjoying my coffee of day, i went for shopping within wangsa maju jusco,
I managed to buy a T-shirt , a shirt and finally my wallet that i have longed to change.
It is another type of long wallet that i have been using, but this time, its a black colour wallet.I have changed 3 type of these long wallet, since 1998, the 1st is from polo, 2nd is from seed and so do the 3rd one. People keep asking why am i using long purse instead of short wallet,i dont know, i just like the way it is :P
The picture speaks for itself:

Just Love It ~

And before i end, Bon Voyage for the boys and girls that flew to UK, i supposed they have arrived and enjoying the best moments of school together there, and hopefully the one that stay in KL can enjoy the day for good. See ya then.

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