Sunday, April 4, 2010

Love Life !!

Today is 4th of April,
there was a campaign launched since 4th April 2009,
it is called The Love Life Campaign, it is a campaign that gives concern, help and support to children that has terminal illness, and would leave the world very soon....

We people, living in a different own world and comes from a different family background,sometimes, we complained that we came from poor family, that we are not satisfied with the current situation that we have (e.g : we dont earn enough money for ourselves, we are tired of busy working life, why do we have miserable life and so on...)

After the watching of this short video clips for the Love Life Campaign,
I wishes that you would have a different point of view,
we should be contented, grateful and thankful for what we got,
be emphathy, symphathy and sharing ~

Im Louis, I Love Life

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